Recent Trends for Walk in Clinic Utilization and their Effects of Family Doctors

Going to the family doctor has always been something that most people take for granted. Sure there are some annoyances associated with the experience, such as having to wait for your turn. That can sometimes, and depending on the doctor that you choose, be quite long. It is not uncommon for people to wait for one or two hours at the physician’s office. So what has been happening over the past few years? An interesting phenomenon is taking place, and it has to do with walk-in clinics.

waiting at the doctor office

The Convenience of the Walk In Clinic

We live today in a world that wants, and demands, convenience. For people, especially young adults, to wait for one hour at the family doctor’s office is difficult. So, what have people done to deal with this? And what are the latest trends in healthcare, especially in many cities in Canada such as Brampton Ontario? The answer is simple. They are turning towards walk in clinics.

walkinclinicThese clinics are gaining a tremendous amount of usage as compared to the traditional methods of visiting the doctor’s office. Visiting a walk in clinic in Brampton is much easier than making an appointment with your family doctor. One of the biggest advantages that Brampton walk in clinics has over traditional healthcare facilities is that they do not require an appointment. Many patients in Brampton can go to  to get an appointment easily. You only can drop in at a convenient time, and you can see a doctor. Furthermore, you do not have to wait for a significant amount of time to get to see the healthcare professional. They are available to see you in a short time and without making an appointment. Is is any wonder that people are flocking to these walkin clinic facilities.

Convergence with Pharmacy

Another advantage of using a walkin clinic as compared to traditional medical offices is that walk-in clinics almost always have a pharmacy in the same building. That makes it much more convenient and efficient to get the prescriptions filled quickly after the doctor visit. When someone is sick, they do not want to go to many places and travel far distances while making some stops. Sometimes, one would have to visit the healthcare centre, the doctor, the pharmacy and maybe other places as well. By using this modern day setup, one is saved from having to make multiple stops. Instead, everyone the patient needs is under one roof. And that is something that is truly appreciated by many people such as the residents of Brampton who have embraced these clinics to a vast degree. It is something that the government has noted and is

Looking Ahead

Healthcare needs continue to be at the pinnacle of focus for governments and people. There ought to be innovation in healthcare and in delivering it. Technology has changed the way we do many things in life, so why not modify the way we visit the doctor also. Indeed, as these trends are maturing, we see that happen. And we will continue to see more people stray away from the traditional family doctor and move towards using walk in clinics that are open in many locations, and are open at more convenient times.

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